DreamHaven will leverage our fully regulated digital assets platform to revolutionize the way people manage and grow their finances. Our best in-class KYC program ensures that users can onboard with ease, and proceed to acquire digital assets in a safe and secure way. …

DreamHaven is a leading digital asset exchange that aims to educate, excite and enrich users on digital assets via our platform. The company is an alternative wealth platform with the goal of providing experiences beyond traditional finance.

DreamHaven pioneered a series of innovative digital asset products including earning accounts, and with the launch of a digital asset token native to DreamHaven, DreamHaven aims to bring unparalleled opportunities and benefits to its users and the DHV community.

Q3 2021

The Development of DreamHaven Project and DHV Token

Q3 2021

Website development for the DreamHaven Airdrop and Presale

Q4 2021

Launch of a large-scale Airdrop for the distribution of free tokens and pre-sale tokens

Q1 2022

Token Listing — DreamHaven tokens DHV on the pancakeswap exchange at the price of 1 DHV = $0.01

Q2 2022

DreamHaven will promote the creation of top-class artworks and custom NFT works with A-list celebrities with massive followings from the entertainment circles.

Q3 2022

DreamHaven will, at this stage, build on top of its NFT business, secure the key to authorization and confirmation of the digital world, and make a foray into digital entertainment and brick-and-mortar NFT projects, etc

DHV is designed to enhance and promote the DreamHaven ecosystem, as well as to
reward and benefit members of the DreamHaven community.

Since its establishment in 2021, DreamHaven has continued to innovate itself with the goal of offering its users the best experience with digital assets and cryptocurrencies. As part of our growth strategy, DreamHaven launched DHV, our BEP-20 traded digital asset native to the DreamHaven ecosystem, in December 2021. DreamHaven plans to continue developing various products and new use cases for DreamHaven users and DHV holders as outlined in the following roadmap. Further details of each of these products are available in next section 2.2 Token Utility

Token Name : DreamHaven

Ticker : DHV

Technical Standart : BEP-20

Token Supply : 1 Billion $DHV

NFT Illustration

The digital assets market has been gaining momentum in recent years as digital
transformation brings people together from all over the world through frictionless
money transfers, seamless electronic payments, and disruptive digital assets savings and lending programs.

The cryptocurrency market has shown explosive growth as it recently reached a new…

  1. The DreamHaven Token (DHV)

The DreamHaven Token (DHV) is an BEP-20 traded digital asset native to the DreamHaven ecosystem. It is a utility token designed to provide DreamHaven ecosystem benefits and to enable access to attractive opportunities, as well as innovative products and services in the digital asset space.


DreamHaven NFT

An NFT Portal & Network

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